5.5. - Photographs full of atmosphere by Thomas Herrmann from our gig last week:
Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6

1.5. - With "Herzog" as opener we were tight right form the start on Saturday, even though it was quite a loud tune straight away. Our own impression was backed later by audience feedback: The gig has been a top notch performance by everyone. The quintet line-up was well acclaimed, what will inspire us for future sax-flute-arrangements. Only lowlight of the evening: two guests losing composure because of a few Euros contribution to music. All the same, it takes all sorts to make a world. A big thank you to the majority of the audience, you were amazing! Honorable mention goes to the crowd alongside the bar in particular. :-)

10.4. - Since Aron is back in town and yesterday Wolfram came down from Regensburg, that meant for us: orchestra rehearsal. We brooded about the potential program for our gig on 29th, including a new composition. First impressions: "ambitious harmonies and rhythms", "shouldn't be played at the beginning", "no, not a typical first song". Aside from that, we decided to skip the usual jazz ballad this time. Time and space is going to be used for bubbling (sic! Thomas... ) arrangements in the line-up with two soloists.

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