28.1. - That came faster than expected. For the jazz club Hirsch gig we got a slot on short notice in May. We will feature Leszek on sax. There is no other way than this going to be awesome again.

23.1. - There will be gigs again. And even in times when you often get to hear "jazz is generally difficult", or a new Munich club loses its concession just after one month. But we are optimists and believe that this year, too, is going to be space for cultural diversity. First dates are set, we are striving for more, as well as for interesting collaborations.
2.1.18 - Happy New Year 2018! We use the time around the turn of the year for some experiments. Today we rehearsed with piano and synthesizer - more Weather Report and less Bill Evans. Let's see where this will go.

26.11. - Two photos of our gig yesterday, the musicians' table and in action. Awesome audience and two and a half hours of intense music, so this is supposed to have a continuation next year.

9.10. - New concert in November, on 25th we are going to play at Waitzinger Bräu in Miesbach. The magnificent Leszek Zadlo on saxophone will again be our frontman there.

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