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28.9. - Small update after summer break. Roland got married and despite his new surname keeps on playing the same bass. Congratulations! Further we uploaded the long-promised, experimental piece from our last gig, see audio.

21.6. - That was an incredibly intense gig at Le Pirate. The article in OVB newspaper describes everything one needs to know about the first set (in German, though). The second set then developed increasingly experimental excesses, equally astonishing for both musicians and audience. Luckily the recorder was running, so maybe after clarification of all circumstances we can publish a snippet here on the website.

1.6. - The Rosenheim gig casts its shadows before: We had a creative rehearsal with Leszek on Bb-instruments, right before he set off for a short tour in Poland. Our program more and more develops away from standards towards original compositions and rarely played tunes. On the german part of the website I mocked an alliteration as it is used by certain TV shows of dubious intellectual level. My apologies to the english speaking community, it just does not translate.

5.5. - Photographs full of atmosphere by Thomas Herrmann from our gig last week:
Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6

1.5. - With "Herzog" as opener we were tight right form the start on Saturday, even though it was quite a loud tune straight away. Our own impression was backed later by audience feedback: The gig has been a top notch performance by everyone. The quintet line-up was well acclaimed, what will inspire us for future sax-flute-arrangements. Only lowlight of the evening: two guests losing composure because of a few Euros contribution to music. All the same, it takes all sorts to make a world. A big thank you to the majority of the audience, you were amazing! Honorable mention goes to the crowd alongside the bar in particular. :-)

10.4. - Since Aron is back in town and yesterday Wolfram came down from Regensburg, that meant for us: orchestra rehearsal. We brooded about the potential program for our gig on 29th, including a new composition. First impressions: "ambitious harmonies and rhythms", "shouldn't be played at the beginning", "no, not a typical first song". Aside from that, we decided to skip the usual jazz ballad this time. Time and space is going to be used for bubbling (sic! Thomas... ) arrangements in the line-up with two soloists.

24.2. - Playing right here in Holzkirchen on April 29th, at Tire Bouchon. In the style of last year's gig we are going to convert Xavier's extremely cosy bar into a jazz club for just one night.

2.1.17 - Welcome in 2017! Out now: The "Odenwald"-CD. Just e-mail us, we ship woldwide.

^^^ 2017 ^^^

18.12. - Good news just before Christmas: We acquired the first gig for our new album. In June we are going to play at Le Pirate in Rosenheim. The quintett with Leszek and Marie promises an extraordinary concert.
The CDs arrived in the meanwhile, so that we can start shipping on time in January ... "first jazz album 2017". Till then, we wish pleasant holidays and maybe we meet for a tune or two at the one or other Christmas session.

29.11. - The CD cover is online. Artwork according to our title tune.

9.11. - Listen up: First impressions of our new album "Odenwald" are online in the Audio section. After our Rosenheim gig with Marie on flute produced a number of innovative moments, we continued the collaboration for the album. On top of that, we were able to engage Leszek Zadlo on soprano sax for our project, who did not only join for the solo part, but also contributed a composition. Words can barely tell how much a collaboration with a musician of his standing advances the overall performance. The full result can be obtained as CD in January 2017!

26.10. - The gig at Mister B's in November has been cancelled by the organizer due to a lack of agreement to our planned line-up on percussion. Whether that is a proper way to deal with it we leave to the view of others. As we know that some people have already marked the date in their calendars, we apologize for the inconvenience.

23.10. - Our audio demos are temporarily offline, as we decided to cancel our contract with GEMA. In the course of November we will provide first snippets from our new album instead.

7.9. - A sign of live: The album is still worked on, we will definitely make it a CD. Regrettably the art form of a self-contained music album is facing extinction in the age of streaming, as music of higher complexity does not combine well with dwindling attention spans. We, too, look for a way forward, but as long as ongoing change does not provide acceptable alternatives for independent off-mainstream artists, we have to rely on proven ways of publication. Certainly physical media is going to complicate distribution, but the product will be worth it.

15.6. - Recorded. An intense studio weekend is now behind us, featuring amazing soloists, extraordinary jazz moments and a good deal of "guest notes". Now some patience is required before we can listen to the outcome of the delivered tone material.

2.6. - Gig at Mister B's is confirmed for November 26th, thus things are going well for us in the state capital. And even better: We got an outstanding musician confirming for our line-up of guest soloists! We are sorry to say that we can't reveal any details yet, but our studio excitement level has raised even more.

28.5. - Penultimate rehearsal yesterday, four hours of fine-tuning with Aron, after we spent the recent weeks working on arrangements with Tom. We are ready to record, with another orchestra rehearsal right before we hit the studio in two weeks.
After we ended with the music we had an interesting talk about the fact, that for our freethinking approach to music the name Jazz is practically burnt, for which many people either imagine some sort of unbearable noise or just beer garden background music. Unfortunately it fits well in the picture that two gigs we planned for late autumn are not going to happen due to entanglements of the respective local politics. However, according to one of our compositions we are optimists and certain that alternatives will show up.

6.4. - Post-session means pre-album, but first a big thank you to our great session guests in Rosenheim on Sunday: Frank (dr) and Joachim (sax) from Grafing and the regular Cäsar (sax/fl). With you guys the evening became a jam session at its best. For us the preparation for the studio is starting just now. That means sorting our arrangement ideas and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

20.3. - In two weeks time in Rosenheim we are going to feature a guest soloist: Salzburg flutist Marie-Kristin Burger. Inspired by a recent session talk about the flute in jazz it went faster than expected that some tunes will follow. But secretly we carried the thought already for quite some time to try a flute as "Sun".

6.3. - Time to let the cat out of the bag: There will be a new studio album! With Aron on drums and our own tunes. Recording will be in June, we have not yet decided when and how it will be published. For now, expect some time in autumn.

22.2. - Again we played in front of a full house, Tire Bouchon was sold out on Saturday. It was indeed our first trio gig and it happened that we achieved some really extraordinary moments in our mutual musical communication. We think specifically of "Herzog", "Phase Dance" and our composition "Odenwald" ...
The acoustic part is gone by now, naturally. But we were happy to find that photographer Thomas Herrmann was again in the audience and took care of some long lasting optical impressions: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3

29.1. - Mister B's unfortunately double booked our date in July, so that our concert has to be moved to autumn. We will announce the exact date as soon as it is confirmed.

18.1. - After the gig is before the gig: Evenings like the one at Mister B's definitely ask for repetition. So we sat together on short notice and without further ado agreed on a successor: Saturday, 16th of July! There we will have the well-known "living-room-lineup" again. The upcoming concert in Holzkirchen on the other hand will see us as "loud trio" with Aron on drums, who will be with us at the club in Rosenheim, too. Whether we are going to feature an additional soloist there is not yet decided.

11.1. - Fullest of houses at Mister B's! Thank you, dear audience, for the great atmosphere, that enabled us to reach some of these special jazz moments. The evening was an even greater pleasure for us, because the perception of "Modern Jazz & Fusion" again contradicted the disapproving reaction we get sometimes, when we apply for gigs using these words to categorize our music. And second, obviously you can play Blue Bossa as opener at such an event, despite jazz police. Luckily they were off duty on Saturday.

6.1. - The local community foundation uploaded a video of us playing at "Blues- & Jazztage": the classic Recorda Me, often the last song in our set. Although we have doubts sometimes, whether you can let people go home in good conscience with a dominant chord.

2.1.16 - Welcome to 2016! No warm-up phase this time, but instead the mandatory orchestra rehearsal for our concert next week. In 2016 we want to continue trying new things, for example in collaborations with fellow musicians or new compositions. Jazz does mean development, too. First results can be listened to on Saturday.

^^^ 2016 ^^^

9.12. - Our gig at Mister B's on January 9th will start at 9.30pm. No matter what will be written in the SZ, guaranteed by the organizer: half past 9. We already think about the program. During our last rehearsal we more or less randomly dug out an old tune: "Hey, we haven't played that for a while." It's interesting how tunes can evolve over time. Further we will have a new compostion of our own. 3 sets overall, so even night crawlers will get something to listen to.

31.10. - Website update. With even more pictures of Thomas Herrmann.

29.10. - Photographer Thomas Herrmann took exeptionally moody pictures of our gig: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5.

26.10. - That was crazy as hell, Bar Central was sold out, our ears are still ringing. Suitable time to announce a follow-up Holzkirchen concert: February 20th 2016 at Le Tire Bouchon. More footage of yesterday's gig will be published as soon as we get hold of it.

9.10. - After four hours of super rehearsal with Aron and Wolfram yesterday for the blues & jazz days even more exciting news for next year came in. In April we will return to Le Pirate in Rosenheim.

1.10. - Blues- & Jazztage approaching with awesome bands in town this time. Besides us the band playing on Friday, Organ Explosion, can be recommended as well to fans of more wicked jazz styles.

27.7. - Nice surprise: A visitor from Hide-Out has sent us a still picture and a moving picture.

20.7. - This time announced correctly in the SZ. Hide-Out cellar concert was climatically pleasant with tropical outside temperatures. Soundwise we needed a little while to get together, on the other hand our actually more difficult second set had some really nice moments. Jost was recording, we will evaluate that. But first comes summer break.

26.6. - We rehearse our set for the Hide-Out gig (July 17th, don't forget ...). After a longer absence our program will feature Goodbye Pork Pie Hat again. Due to Wolfram living in another city rehearsing is usually a trio thing, but he will travel over next week for "orchestra rehearsal". At Hide-Out we will then be five overall: Our on-demand-technician Jost Künzel has the ungrateful job that only gets attention when something is wrong with the sound.

9.6. - Session intermezzo at Sing Jazz Club and Blu Jaz Cafe in Singapore meeting the creme de la creme of the local scene, all extremely welcoming and enthusiastic musicians. Two phantastic and long evenings ended with the statement of bass master Christy Smith himself: "You are always welcome to play here and at the other club again". That will be remembered.

29.5. - There might be hardly any clubs where jazz can be experienced as close and real as at Mister B's. Early 2016 we are going to play another concert there. It will be our third appearance, and at the latest by then Mister B's is inextricably linked with our band history. Since there is always some late walk-in audience we will probably feature an extra long program.

19.5. - Just came to know that our album made it to Finnland. Hei Suomi!

6.5. - Part 2: New concert. Our Face-Noise-Tour 2015 through the acoustic stages of Munich finds its continuation on July 17th at Hide-Out 2, a club with a long tradition in the local live music scene. We will have the original line-up again with Tom on Cajon.

6.5. - Part 1: Afterthought on our Rosenheim gig. For the first time with Aron Hantke on drums and with the excellent sound of a jazz club we developed an unstoppable joy of playing. Unfortunately we had to finish the evening earlier than expected after cutting short the second set as Jörg suffered from some sort of spring time flu fever. We hope to be able to catch up on the lost playtime at some point later. In any case the line-up with Aron can be seen again for the Blues- & Jazztage in Holzkirchen.

27.4. - Visual impressions from the Irkutsk, captured in style both coloured and monochrome by Gabriele Rothweiler's Leica.

22.4. - Finest concert atmosphere in Salon Irkutsk, perfectly silent during Horace Silver's "Peace", rapturous applause after "Phase Dance" - this cannot be topped, even though the combination of starting at 7 and biergarten weather was tough competition. Pictures had been taken as well, we try to get hold of one in the next days.

3.4. - As promised the quartet recording is online now, at least a part of it, to give an impression what we sound like with a saxophone. The full song will be available as bonus again at one of our next gigs.

12.3. - The prophet is with honour in its own land: The community foundation of Holzkirchen invited us for the local blues & jazz days in October. We are going to play the final matinee on Sunday 25th, modern jazz for late breakfast. Already now we are looking forward to our "Heimspiel".

28.2. - It was a super gig at Mister B's yesterday, we really had fun. Even after 3 sets and 3 hours at half past midnight were shouts for an encore, therefor here an extra big "thank you" to the terrific audience, which made it there despite a slightly inaccurate announcement in the SZ.

10.2. - News in a three-day-cycle: On April 19th we are going to play another concert in Munich, in Salon Irkutsk.

7.2. - Jazz concert 2.0: The audience of the concert on 27th will get access via QR code to a so far unpublished bonus tune, a quartet recording featuring an electric guitar!

4.2. - Yesterday we recorded two songs with Wolfram on bari sax in Regensburg. The material goes through the usual mix process now and finally we will be able to provide some quartet demos, too. Soon.

1.2. - "Face Noise" released! Download links on our CD page.

28.1. - We will have a guest musician for the Rosenheim-session in May: Aron Hantke on drums. So if drummers want to join for the session part they won't be limited to Cajon. And it will be possible to play some dignified swing. At least in theory...

8.1.15 - Happy new year, about three weeks till our new album is available! Meanwhile we used the time off to already arrange and rehearse our set for the February gig with Wolfram in Regensburg.

^^^ 2015 ^^^

15.12. - Early christmas present for us: One of the most renowned jazz clubs in southern Germany, the Le Pirate in Rosenheim, invited us for a gig! In May we will be playing the opening set for the monthly jazz session. Besides seeing us live on stage you will be able to join directly afterwards.

3.12. - The new album cover is online. In support of the local art scene we chose a picture from a paintress who is a friend of ours.
In terms of music we are currently rehearsing some new songs and working on one or two compositions of our own. As days are shorter and evenings longer the rehearsal living room is filled with a creative atmosphere.

6.11. - Due to a bilateral conflict of dates that we discovered rather accidentially, the gig at Mister B's will be moved to February 27th. Our album is also going to be released in February. Music production is finished but the commercial aspect still requires some time. Sometimes there are other things than music in life. It fits in the picture that due to other commitments and the generally difficult situation for sophisticated live music in southern Bavaria it is still completely unclear whether there will be more concerts in 2015.

8.10. - Tour dates update: Mister B's is fixed. Plus that in February it won't have 30°C like in June last time.

5.10. - The set list is online, so jazz connoisseurs know what to look forward to.

1.10. - "Face Noise" will be the album title, referring to how we try to explain arrangements to each other. Further we can say that despite our original plans Cold Duck Time and the quartet version of Equinox (featuring a guitar solo) won't be part of it. The latter will unfortunately not be finished in time, but we will release it later as a bonus.

2.9. - The new album will be published only digital, realease date will be January 2015. We will provide further news here step by step.

27.8. - Slow news season was here as well. Besides small website updates we uploaded two new audio pieces. In the background we continue our work on the new album.

10.6. - Our gig at Mister B's is history, it was a great evening, thanks to all who had been there. A snapshot of the window mini-stage can be seen here.

28.5. - While one or two pieces still need to be recorded, mixing of the first tunes has already begun. On the laptop and with quality headphones work can be done on the train, on airports or in hotel rooms. Jazz production in the 21st century (see picture).

5.5. - The first recording session is over. As usual there is a certain warm up phase in the beginning, but there was also a suprisingly free moment. In other words: Bonus track? Check ...

7.3. - We will record again. Foreshadowing the May studio date, we want to record a few but nevertheless really wicked tunes. Including surprise guest soloists.

7.2. - Our gig planning is not made easier by the short term lineup change. The happier we are that Mister B's still supports us (new date: Friday, June 6th)! The Regensburg based saxophonist Wolfram Jarius will complete our quartet there.

5.2. - Unfortunately Monika leaves us for personal reasons on short notice. For us that means the end of the collaboration with a classical singer. On the other hand, the microphone position shall not be left unoccupied. Once we found a new singer this will clearly bring a new sound to our band, but we are open for new approaches.
In the meanwhile we will cultivate "the art of trio" and invite a guest musician from time to time.

12.1. - Save the date: On April 4th we are live on stage at Mister B's in Munich, the smallest jazz club in town!

2.1.14 - The silence here could be misleading, in the background we are full of activity. Besides the photo shooting for new band photos we are quite active in terms of gig acquisition. And we are already experimenting with new tunes and arrangements. So a lot of news to be expected soon.

^^^ 2014 ^^^

30.11. - The CD is out now. Get it either from us directly or from Amazon. We are indeed one day early, but why wait? We are happy that everything worked out just in time.

23.11. - The audio streams are online!

14.11. - English version of the website is online to present what we do beyond the borders of the german language. And maybe we manage to ship one or two CDs to some far out places on this planet. Who knows.

6.11. - There are more details of the CD which will be published on December 1st! This is a real record, produced the old school way, so don't expect iTunes and other digital platforms too soon.